Las Vegas Info provides information about the wonderful resort of Las Vegas, Nevada. Internationally recognised as the number one location in the world for gambling, Las Vegas features an array of lavish hotels, spectacular shows, fine weather, famous attractions, and of course some of the finest casinos in the world.


  • Hotels. Las Vegas hotels are amongst some of the most spectacular and luxurious in the world. But don't think you have to blow all of your bankroll on accommodation though, many hotels provide rooms at extremely low rates to entice visitors to their resorts.

  • Casinos. Las Vegas is without doubt the ultimate location on the planet for gambling and casinos, not only for the sheer numbers in such a compact location but also in their extravagence. Whether you are looking for a high stakes casino to wager millions, or just want to play for a dollar at a time, you can find it in Las Vegas.

  • Attractions. Make sure that you spend some time away from the casinos exploring all of the fabulous attractions and tourist destinations that Las Vegas, Nevada and the surrounding area has to offer, including some famous landmarks.

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Las Vegas weddings allow you to tie the knot in surroundings which vary from tranquil and traditional, right through to crazy and wild!


Las Vegas holidays are amongst some of the most exciting and breathtaking available, combining glitz and glamour with incredible attractions and excursions. Book yours now!